Official Partner Programme

ACF’s Official Partner Programme allows our members to benefit from a knowledge-led commercial partnership, enhancing our ability to support members in being ambitious and effective in the use of all their resources.

Our four Official Partners - Cazenove Charities, CCLA, Mercer and Ruffer – each have an established reputation for delivering for their foundation clients, engaging with the charity sector and taking a robust approach to ESG issues. ACF draws on the investment expertise of partners to broaden our investment learning opportunities for the benefit of members. ACF members also have opportunities to share their views with our Official Partners.


Our Official Partners

Cazenove Charities           CCLA specialises in the management of charity investments

Cazenove Charities is one of the largest charity investment manager in the UK and is delighted to partner with ACF. The team has a track record of generating strong risk adjusted returns supported by the investment resource at Schroders. A dedicated team of charity specialists work with each of our clients to meet their financial and social objectives.

We are confident that we have the capabilities and resource to meet your foundation’s investment requirements, whatever your size and purpose.


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CCLA specialises in the management of charity investments and aims to deliver strong and sustainable long-term returns whilst respecting our clients spending plans, risk tolerance and ethics.

Our heritage and ownership allow us to focus wholeheartedly on the needs of our clients and helping them to maximise the impact of their work.




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Mercer - charity investment specialists   Ruffer– investment management

Mercer has over 40 years’ experience of delivering investment outcomes for charities, endowments and foundations globally.

We have a dedicated team of charity investment specialists who ensure we fully understand the requirements and specialism required for this market. We focus on objectives such as strong performance, capital preservation, income generation, cost management, responsible investment policy alignment and best practice governance structures. Mercer is uniquely placed to help meet these goals as we integrate our heritage in advisory services, investment management and market leading ESG research.

Our portfolio solutions use highly rated managers across asset classes to help meet your investment objectives and allow you to focus on the impact of your philanthropic mission.


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At Ruffer, we have a distinctive approach to investing which we believe is well suited to the needs and goals of charities and their trustees.

We focus on delivering ‘all weather’ investment returns and protecting and growing the value of our client’s assets throughout the market cycle. Instead of following benchmarks, we aim not to lose money in any single year and to deliver a return significantly greater than the risk free alternative of cash on deposit.

By aiming to avoid the cyclical gyrations of the market, we aspire to provide a less volatile experience for our charity clients.





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