Mercer has over 40 years’ experience of delivering investment outcomes for charities, endowments and foundations globally.

Mercer’s focus is on providing advice, investment solutions and portfolio implementation that deliver on objectives such as strong performance, capital preservation, income generation, cost management, responsible investment policy alignment and best practice governance structures. Mercer is uniquely placed to help meet these goals, integrating their heritage in advisory services, investment management and market leading ESG research. Mercer’s portfolio solutions use highly rated managers across asset classes to help clients meet their investment objectives and allow foundations to focus on the impact of their philanthropic mission.

Mercer resources

Charity Commission Investment Guidance CC14

On 1 August 2023 the Charity Commission for England and Wales published its updated investment guidance for trustees. Read Mercer's article, which provides a comprehensive overview of the key changes outlined in the new guidance and the actions you should consider. They've created a paper with checklists to help you assess whether your charity operates in line with the new guidance, which you can download here

Private markets for endowments and foundations

Private markets remain a complex and hard-to-access asset class — but it is one that is increasingly hard to ignore, given its growing importance in the economy as well as in institutional investors’ portfolios. Read Mercer’s latest report to find out more.
Read here

From acronym to action: What ESG means for you

We look at each of the components, E, S and G, how these can be and have been addressed in clients’ portfolios, common questions, along with some top tips for how best to start the discussions around your collective tables.
From acronym to action Read here

Podcast, episode one: what is ESG?

Investment Podcast Series: critical thinking, critical issues℠

Join our thought leaders and special guests, as they explore and debate the themes, trends and opportunities shaping markets, and how these may translate for investors.
Investment Podcast Series - critical thinking, critical issues. Listen to the podcast

Investment blog: Yield point℠

Our specialists provide their point of view on the latest investor themes and market movements in our investor blog series.
Yield point investment blog Read here

How endowments and foundations can manage inflation

In an environment of continued inflation uncertainty, what tools can investors use to improve performance? One potentially very powerful tool is the one most often overlooked: diversification. Read Mercer’s article for more information.

Top investment considerations for endowments and foundations 2024

Mercer identify the five considerations that we believe endowments and foundations should have front and centre as they look ahead. Hear Paul Fleming, Head of UK Endowments & Foundations, comment on each theme and read the report.

Endowment and foundation investment survey 2023

Endowment and foundation investors share how they are assessing risk, allocating portfolios and building resilience within their portfolios for the long term. Read the report.

Optimising treasury asset investments in a higher rate environment

Navigating today’s dynamic financial landscape requires a departure from traditional methods of managing treasury assets. The emergence of a prudent and widely adopted strategy involves diversifying treasury assets across a spectrum of short-duration fixed-income funds. Read the paper.

Contact Mercer

Paul Fleming, Head of Investment SolutionsPaul Fleming, Head of Investment Solutions
Paul is Head of Investment Solutions for UK Endowments and Foundations and joined Mercer in 2018. Based in London, Paul works closely with Endowment & Foundation clients with various governance requirements to support efficient implementation of Mercer’s strategic advice. Email Paul.

Tom Noall, Investment consultantTom Noall, Investment consultant
Tom is a Consultant within Mercer’s investment business. He is responsible for advising clients on a wide range of investment issues and is a specialist within the Endowment & Foundations sector. Email Tom.